Aluminum Storefront Doors

We do a lot of aluminum storefront door repair in Atlanta, and most of Northwest Georgia. Aluminum storefront doors come with their own sets of problems. Generally these doors are repaired by very expensive glazing companies. We’ve been working on them for going on 25 years. They’re definitely not all the same.

There are lots of different hardware types that are specifically made to be installed in hollow metal doors. Aluminum storefront door repair also works the same way. When storefront doors have problems they’re different than other styles of doors because the hardware is much different. Atlanta door repair is well versed in all types of lock hardware and door hardware.

Her are few examples of aluminum storefront door hardware

  • concealed vertical rod rim exit devices
  • mortise lock hardware
  • Adam’s rite lock hardware
  • Concealed hydraulic door closers
  • Surface mounted door closers
  • Adam’s rite panic hardware
  • pivots or hinges “We typically install full surface continuous hinges instead of pivots, so that they’ll last.”

The fact that we’re able to work on different door styles will save you a lot of time and effort. Having to call a different company for every different style of door can be extremely costly and time-consuming.

Eventually when these doors malfunction, break or need replacement It can cause injury, and certainly store to be closure. When you call Atlanta Door repair we work around that schedule. With our storefront door repair we keep your business open and profitable. We understand a day without profit in this economy can be a game ender.

Here are a few examples of or storefront door repair services

  • broken pivots!
  • corrosion
  • set screws that are loose
  • improper installations
  • Door closers that malfunction, ultimately causing slamming or extreme hesitation when closing
  • dragging and scrubbing

Lastly our first objective is to repair a door, but if we must we’ll replace it.