Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow metal door repair is something that we have done for 25 years. With experience you don’t have to worry about one of our technicians learning on the job. We can identify the problem and immediately come up with a solution. We don’t have to fool around and find out what’s wrong on your dime.

Our years of experience also opens up a world of information and solutions that only come with come with time. We know what goes wrong with them 10 years down the road. This keeps you from getting to the end of your day and not being able to close your doors business, and go home.

All metal doors contrary to popular believe do not come in standard sizes. Although a bulk of them are made in 3.0×7.0 or 3.0×6.8 this is far from the only two sizes. Hinge locations are also very important. Other factors such as fire resistance and lock prep also come into play.

Hinge locations different vastly for one manufacturer to another as well as latch height. It’s short they are definitely not one size fits all. But if we don’t stalk him we know where to get them and quickly. So you’ll never have to wait on a door for very long because of availability problems.

Hollow metal door repair

Hollow metal door repair it’s one of our greatest specialties. Although our first line of defense is to repair an existing door. We make sure that we don’t have a client spending more money repairing what they could replace for less.

Installing hollow metal doors is something that we’re just simply very good at. if you have an opening and you need a door there. We can put one in there. No matter what size, no matter what shape we can make that happen, quickly.