Access control systems and services

The services that we provide are in depth. You have almost 25 years of experience at your fingertips. The problems that would be showstoppers for most are just learning experiences for us. We have repaired thousands of doors. And implemented thousands of access control systems.

Through all of those repairs We have done we have steadily better and better at them. The tools that are not available we have created. We are not only able to do our job but we’re able to do it quickly. A First and foremost without frustration. No matter what the problem is if we do not have a solution we can work towards one very quickly. Door repair solutions have gotten more and more quick and effective. But not only quick and effective but the new solutions last far longer than ever before.

New panic bars, new full surface continuous hinges, new half surface continuous hedges these are all vital tools, and then we have new door closers that hold up better than ever before. With access control get a better and better we can now present a card to gate access to a door not only log the entrance of the individual the time of the individual entering but even a picture of who’s coming and going. A level of security that we now have has greatly surpassed anything in the past. Would you put all of these tools together what we get our facilities that are less and less susceptible to unlawful entry.

Here is a simple example of access control systems.

There are also state alone systems although I don’t recommend them because you have to program them per lock and that gets old real fast.