Commercial Wood Doors

Commercial wood doors seem as though they would be very simple. The complications with these doors are in their fragility. Also they can be very heavy. When commercial metal doors are required to have a fire rating they can be exceptionally heavy. Although when wood doors have the same fire rating they’re always heavier.

When it comes to commercial with doors every time you move them you run the risk of damaging them. Comparatively what doors can be more expensive because of their weight as well as their fragility. They’re very cumbersome. If you so much as rest them up against the wrong thing it will cause damage.

Windows in commercial wood doors

We like to only install metal window kits in our commercial wood doors because they are easier to install. Furthermore they’re easier to replace if one should happen to get broken. There are many different options for glass kits indoors here are just a few.

Commercial wood doors and door repair

Wood doors do offer a certain amount of flexibility however. When you have a hollow metal door in an unusual size you can make a temporary door out of wood. Giving you enough time to have a hollow steel door manufactured without completely compromising security.

We have repaired, replaced. and installed thousands of wood doors and have over 24 years of experience doing so. We know the problems that take place with these doors and we also know how to avoid them. For instance one of the biggest problems with wood doors is the hinges pull from the door because of the weight. Our solution is always a full mortise continuous hinge on every single wood door that we install. The quickest way to fix a problem is to prevent it from the start. This comes from almost 25 years of experience.