Atlanta door repair has been repairing replacing and installing locks, doors and door hardware for 25 years. Not only do we repair doors and lock hardware, we are also a locksmith company. Not only can we repair your doors, we can also fix your door hardware.

When it comes to locksmith work or door repair in the Atlanta area we do both. Choose a door company that is well versed in lock hardware as well. Being able to incorporate master key systems could save you thousands of dollars. We’re not a jack of all trades by no means. When it comes to securing a business there aren’t many doors or locks that were not well versed in.

For a lot of construction businesses They simply look at doors as opened or closed. There are far more rules and regulations involving locks and doors than what meets the eye. In the lock and door business 1/32th of an inch we’ll either make or break a job. If you buy products from the wrong supplier they won’t meet firecode. Simply put, Amazon locks won’t cut it.

Locks and doors come in different grades and fire ratings. When you hire a company to come out and repair or replace doors and lock hardware make sure they sell quality. If you don’t there’s a possibility that you’ll be doing the same exact job in 2 months all over again. Now let’s say they supply the wrong fire rating on a door. When the fire marshal comes out to inspect a property these are the things that they look for.

  • Are the locks the correct grade for traffic in and out of the doors?
  • Is the lock hardware ADA compliant “American disabilities act”?
  • Are the locks and doors the correct fire rating?

Why would you choose us to do your door repairs in Atlanta?

Atlanta Door repair has been in business for going on 25 years. Now what does that mean to you?

  • If you have high traffic doors we’re not going to sell you low traffic door hardware.
  • If every door in your building as a fire label on it, we’re not going to sell you one that doesn’t.
  • We’re not going to cut corners buy supplying cheap locks that are bought off of Amazon that we know won’t last more than a year.
  • We don’t sell our customers products that forced them back into the marketplace so that they have to be our customers again before they need to be.
  • Our experience means you don’t have to pay for us to learn on the job. We’re not a fake it until we make it kind of business.
  • When you’ve been in business for 24 years The probability of our guarantees being valid in 5 years is far better than a company that’s only been a business for 6 months.

When it comes time to hire a locksmith or door company, call us because we want to do business with you more than just once, and it shows.